Thu Oct 25 09:55:23 CEST 2007

Diving course

... not me ;-) My sister-in-law likes diving, thus we went to the first lesson diving course. The course was in the small city Mělník, in the evening. The arrival to the city was impressive - the church is very well enlightened and stands just above the city. Really nice.

The pool in Mělník is a typical pool in the small city here in our country. There were many students who want to "actively" relax by jumping into water etc. And now imagine five divers there ;-)

The most interesting experience for us (even for the lector of the diving course ;-) was my son. In the second part of the course (it was very late, say 9pm), the lector has shown to all members of the course how to jump into water. With every new kind of jump, my son applauded with a really loud laugh and I had to repeat every jump divers did 8)

On the way back home, we went to the airport where I picked my ticket for Hamburg next Monday. My son was with me and was the youngest visitor of the airport at that time, for sure ;-) He even received his own ticket from the local airlines representative.

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