Thu Sep 20 12:35:27 CEST 2007


Martin and Filip went to the photo trip to the city and the rest of our team went to the conference. We started with extensions meeting. Interesting progress. I see a lot of potential in this area - even for business development.

Another interesting presentation about language tools by Daniel Naber. It is good to see we have some people working in the lingucomponent tool outside of Sun. Thanks Daniel and Nemeth. This part of our project needs more of you though.

The next presentations I attended were about Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning and SmartTags. Both very interesting as well.

Fridrich's presentation - a bit of teasing him ;-) Looks like his presentation should be apolitical, but yes, it was. And it was full of apolitical statements. Sometimes not strictly true from the point of view of non ooo-builders.

Mike prepared debugging session and compared using XCode and GNU Emacs. Interesting comparison. I use Emacs as well thus it was interesting to see another Mac porter using it. Interesting discussion afterwards with Mike and Stephan.

Radek decided to walk in the streets around La Rambla, but I was hungry thus I decided to go to the hotel and wait for friends there. Dinner at Port Olimpic, a lot of fun with Filip, Michal and five (not four!) roses.

Some work during the late night, bed at 4:30am 8)

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