Wed Sep 19 10:42:16 CEST 2007


Good breakfast at the hotel. In fact, our hotel is very good. We have free wifi in the hotel and also cable connectivity directly in our room. The connecticvity is a bit slower than I'm used to, but it works.

Taxi to the conference. Registration was quite fast - I've got the t-shirt! But today, I wear the t-shirt of Czech OOo team.

Louis' presentation about the future of (Louis seems to like the recent progress at Mac port team!). Interesting questions.

Talking to people.

Eric's presentation about Mac OS X port and aqua version. Some crashes to debug ;-)

Time to eat something... Good menu at Ca La Monyos with Catalan desert at the end.

Presentation from Martin, interesting presentation from Michel Loiseleur about his way through OOo source code. mba's presentation about modularity of OOo source code. Petr's presentation about packagers' point of view.

The last presentation today will be about Mac port, but I'll blog about it and the rest of the day tomorrow.

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