Sun Sep 2 09:56:29 CEST 2007

New toy to build on

3 years ago, I have received new build machine for x86-64 (two Opterons 242, 2GB). The old machine still exists and still builds. So far, it produced many, many builds for x86-64 platform. It's part of OOo history 8)

The old machine
But its time is now over. I have got a new toy (thanks go to Dwayne and his friends). Two quad-core Xeons 5310/1.6GHz, 4GB RAM. And it BUILDS! ;-)

Procesors of our new machine
Two Xeons inside make it a "breeze". So far, the best build time I could get from it was 1550 seconds (with hot ccache).

Our new machine
But to properly measure the effects of various build options, I extended my build script heavily. It now support measuring build time of the complete build:
  • compile ccache from source
  • unpack OOo
  • configure it - en-US only, mozilla from source, with binfilter, create rpms only etc.
  • cd instset_oo and build with build -Px -- -Py
The script takes x and y from the environment, so right now it is building and producing the following output:

oo@octopus:~> tail -f build.measure.log.many
Sun Sep  2 08:23:36 CEST 2007
Building 11 modules in parallel, up to 1 processes in a module

Sun Sep 2 08:57:57 CEST 2007 Building 11 modules in parallel, up to 2 processes in a module 1612 00:26

Sun Sep 2 09:27:12 CEST 2007 Building 11 modules in parallel, up to 3 processes in a module
And it produces interesting "wind" and noise 8).

I installed openSUSE 10.2 x86-64 there and will install 32bit chroot on it and measure it as well.

I hope to get under 26 minutes with one language.

Update: with build -P8 -- -P2, the complete build process (described above) took 1474 seconds (24:34)!

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