Tue Aug 28 22:14:47 CEST 2007

Is it Microsoft who is bad?

After reading this /. article, I'm disgusted. Yes, it happens. It happened in the past and it will happen in the future.

It is not a problem of Microsoft trying to get their work done. And they are doing it. Doing it in a way that normal people/companies would feel ashamed for. Microsoft is different. They stick at nothing. This is "great" motivation for their employees.

Ever heard about Microsoft being the best company you'd like to work for? If so, probably only the employees of Microsoft were asked. Or many different people were asked by some Microsoft partner. Millions of ways to get the "goal" as you wish.

But I think that it is not Microsoft problem. It is a problem in ISO and its member bodies. We can only imagine, how the standardization process works in general... Hopefully it is not the same as what currently happens with OOXML in Sweden.

But there are exceptions - I can't say anything wrong to our national standardization body. It is very hard to work on a task where one side says "no, never, it can be like this" and the other side repeats "This is the only way and no other way exists".

There are more methods to solve this problem. One of them is very easy - set a price tag and allow everyone who has the money to vote. More money wins. Easy. Correct? Depends.

The other one is: do you have a technical comment to our task? No? OK, thanks. Yes? OK, other side: do you have a technical comment to proposed technical comment? And so on...

Czech standardization body selected the second method and they rejected all tries to get it to incorrect method one - letters by Microsoft puppies, "independent" lobbyists from "independent" institutions, rejecting valid technical comments because "it has to be this way" etc.

I very often have the feeling that our country is very bad at this, but after reading the article again, I'm proud I'm living in Czech Republic!

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