Mon Aug 20 13:22:33 CEST 2007

Yet another week (almost) without computers at the Bohemian Forest...

I like Bohemian Forest (we call it Šumava in Czech). It is now almost tradition that my family spends one week at Šumava every year.

Knížecí pláně, Šumava, CZ
This year, it was even more interesting - we switched our hotel, because we were not satisfied with the quality of services in the first one. Thus we end up in 4 stars hotel in the city Vimperk and you can imagine how they like people who are at Šumava for tourism, but on the other hand expect their WiFi network to work like a charm and who like good meal ;-)

We did a lot of walks around there (with my small son sitting on my back in the backpack) - Kubova Huť, Stožec and the chaple there, Knížecí Pláně (the pic here is from there) and of course Borová Lada/Černá Lada, where my parents-in-law are on their vacation.

We also went to Germany, to visit Grosser Arber (my son likes cable railways and my father-in-law knows a lot (a lot!) about radar technologies... ;-) and the lake close to it and cities around (Zwiesel and Bayerisch Eisenstein).

The nature there was hit by Kyrill wind storm in January this year, so it was impressive to see what wind can do. Especially on the Czech side (where we walked more). A lot of tourist ways are closed or restricted there, so we have seen Šumava from different perspective than usually. Sad views...

I almost forgot to add some notes about my favourite topic: meal ;-) The first hotel in Kubova Huť had impressive kitchen (which was in strong contrast with very bad quality of their rooms, services and swimming-pool). The hotel in Vimperk had terrible kitchen... The other interesting meal was a local specialty at Knížecí Pláně (geocached here) - rum praline inside proofed dough packed inside eschar from corn. Five small pieces covered with the sauce from bilberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries (thanks goes to my dictionary for all these words :-).

And of course we again started our vacation with excellent lunch at hotel Albatros, Prachatice, CZ.

Other photos are here.

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