Tue Jul 24 19:04:29 CEST 2007

Languages in my build system

My build system is used by people who can't build their languages on some systems. It is time consuming to provide builds for many languages on more systems, thus I have to set some rules. They are very simple - I only build for active languages.

When there is an issue with the language, I expect some response. When the GSI file contains bugs, I expect them to be fixed soon without me doing anything - the output of the build system provides enough informations for everyone to fix their GSI files (more on this below). I also expect regular updates to the GSI files. It doesn't make sense to build your language when you update your GSI file just once before the release. I can use the resources for other languages. It also doesn't make sense to build languages that are not based on newer POT files.

This document is a small HOWTO that should help you to make integration smoother. I'll only integrate languages with active teams and I'll remove languages of in-active teams. I do not want to build the language that has old, unmaintained GSI files, because the CPU time, disk space and bandwidth can be used for other active languages instead.

So what you should do to have your language added?
  • mail me the ISO code of your language and technical contact for your language
  • Please make sure that the data about your language in our table are correct and complete.
  • Please send me the URL of your GSI file that is named GSI_cs.sdf.bz2 (bzip2 or gzip compressed GSI file where cs is the ISO code of your language). If you'd like to know the reason for this, see the script updating all GSI files I run just before every build.
  • regularly check the outputs of the build system - both installsets and also bug output files ;-)
I expect that the submitter of GSI file handles issues in their GSI file. Mistakes happen, but what should not happen are mistakes that are not fixed ;-) I do upload several files you can use to check/fix your GSI files. They are stored in the directory http://ftp.linux.cz/pub/localization/OpenOffice.org/devel/680/SRC680_m222/Build-1/build/ (this applies to SRC680_m222 which is the latest, right now).

One type of such files are .err files. This is the output from gsicheck utility which you should always use before uploading your GSI files. If the .err file for your language exists, you have a problem! You should fix it.

Another type is .warnings file. This file contains error output from the tool that is merging the translations back to the sources. It reports problems when e.g. the file it should merge into doesn't exist in the sources. This means that you have used incorrect/old POT files to create your GSI file! You should fix it.

I'll update this blog entry with comments from active languages. The next blog entry will summarize the status of GSI files in my SRC680_m222 builds.

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