Mon Jul 9 08:55:17 CEST 2007

Back from Malá Fatra, Slovakia

Fairy-tale view around the cottage Slovak mountains are another place, where I like to spend my holidays. This time, we (my wife, son and me, and my parents-in-law) rented a cottage in the village Zázrivá and used it as a base for our trips.

My son especially enjoyed the statue of Jánoąík in Těrchová and walking around wet garden after rain 8) I enjoyed taking photos from the top of V.F. Kriváň mountain and from the bottom of ©útovo's waterfall!

The statue of Jánoąík in Těrchová Sightview from V.F. Kriváň ©útovo's waterfall Rainbow in ©útovo's waterfall

Wonderfull week without e-mail (almost, you know me ;-).

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