Mon Jun 18 08:43:40 CEST 2007

New Ideal Office Format

The last week, we had a lot of fun around OOXML in our country. Some people take this as a death match or something that can influence their salary and other people have fun with it.

Martin Hassman wrote this blog entry. It is in Czech, but here is the translation:

New Ideal Office Format

I have created a new format for office applications. Its documentation is very short to prevent some Linux fans from criticism of its size.

It consists of five rules:
  1. Document content is in plaintext and in the most suitable encoding of your OS. This has to satisfy everyone.
  2. The whole document content is inserted as Base64 inside a <document> </document> element, so it becomes XML. And XML is a buzzworld, XML is cool, so it MUST be XML.
  3. Don't forget to pack it as a ZIP file. It becomes small even for slow networks.
  4. Concerning special formats: Dates in the document are in the format which is used on the noticeboard by Mrs. Kotas from our 1st floor. If you are not familiar with it, you should come and find out yourself.
  5. The file suffix is *.ibm. No, it doesn't mean ANY company name (we would be accused of being financially influenced if it does). It stands for Ideal Buzzword Metaformat.
Let's vote for it as an international standard. It's said even stupid format could be proposed as a standard this year. Why not this one?

Martin Hassman

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