Sun Apr 1 09:27:33 CEST 2007

Non-April fool April Fool Days blog

This is just to clarify my previous entries and to prevent various intolerances (e.g. based on countries, nations, ...) from various people ;-).

In the real world, Mac porters look like idiots because they do what is already done ("Why not use NeoOffice?"). The reality is elsewhere.

In the real world, NeoOffice developers look like idiots because they do what will be useless after native "AQUA" port of is finished. The reality is elsewhere.

To sum up: we all look like idiots to real world people. I do not like to be called idiot (especially from Mac users!), but unfortunately I can't do anything with this and to ventilate my frustration, I use April Fools day to point to this situation again and again.

And this is not April Fools joke :-( This is pure non-virtual reality.

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