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Wed Mar 28 20:57:18 CEST 2007

First Czech POINT running!

First Czech POINT is now running. The Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek and Ministry of Interior Ivan Langer opened the pilot phase of Czech POINT project at Prague 13. The first official listing produced by Czech POINT is a listing from cadastral database.

Official announce is here (audio from Radio Interior), more news at iHned,, iDnes.

More info at Prague 13 site: press release and info for citizens.

Everything in Czech, because it is mainly for Czech citizens.

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Sat Mar 24 10:40:17 CET 2007

Genius SlimStar strikes back again

Some time ago, I had a problem with keyboard Genius SlimStar and my Mac Mini. I had similar issue yesterday. I was installing two 1U machines IBM x3550 at the hosting centre and the only available USB keyboard was... yes, Genius SlimStar. Connected OK, it worked in GRUB, but it didn't work in GNU/Linux. Strange. Technicians (BTW, very professional team there, unfortunately not available or extremely expensive for normal companies) from the hosting company were able to found another keyboard and it worked well.

Maybe the problem is really in the keyboard itself 8)

And as a small reminder for me for the future: 1. when your machine has BMC that can't be turned off, check if your port on the switch is not configured for one MAC only ;-) 2. when you'll work half a day in airconditioned server room, always plan one "bed" day the next day :-(

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Thu Mar 22 21:29:26 CET 2007

AppleForum 2007

I spent this morning visiting the conference AppleForum 2007.

I still have mixed feelings. Too many problems with Apple, Mac OS X here in CZ. Localization is unofficial, bad service and repair quality and availability (one positive thing on the conference - the employee of CDS company told that they are working on a solution...), ...

The conference panels were moderated by Jakub Železný (another link) who did an excellent job!

Several positive things: meet old friends - Pavel Tesař from Kinetic and Filip, meet old virtual friends in person for the first time - Martin Hassman. And I almost forgot the steak at Dockhouse ;-)

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Mon Mar 19 10:50:07 CET 2007

Legacy stuff, time and file formats...

In the largest deployment of in our country, we decided to upgrade from the previous version (it was 1.1.4) to newer one (2.1 right now). The process of creating the "patch" for our system was long. We had to take care about lot of stuff (user files, file format change, file extension changes, process changes, ...).

In this step, we finally decided to remove the import filter for T602 files. These files (*.602) were used approx. 10 years ago and we had this filter in the previous version of "our" installation. The idea was that none is using these files nowadays, 7 years after we removed this software from our software stack. Big mistake! People still use these files. Some organizations still use T602 here in our country...

This is a new lesson for me and it changed my mind a bit. binfilter should live for years... And we should make this into our "selling point"!

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Thu Mar 15 06:44:58 CET 2007

Small story from real life...

This is a bit abstract story from real life... Do you know Dilbert?

I'm working on a project X sponsored by organization Y. At the beginning we thought that we could cooperate with organizations R1, R2, R3, R4. Cooperation with R4 is currently not possible because of legal limitations in Czech law. The project is just before pilot.

And what is the point? What do you think about people from organization Y publicly talking (TV, ...) about project X as finished and successfully communicating with R4?

Welcome to Y, welcome to real life.

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Tue Mar 6 08:16:40 CET 2007

Busy weeks

Yesterday I finished three child workspaces - system proxy configuration backend for Mac OS X (for X11, cws pj74), WaE free Calc on Mac OS X with newer gcc (for X11, cws pj75) - not interesting stuff with one stlport related warning fix moved to pj73 where other stlport fix were done), and long opened cws pj73 that I used for collecting various minor fixes for a long time.

And the the long story of OOF680... ;-) So far I built all milestones on it and uploaded complete builds for Linux x86 and x86_64 and Windows. I also build on Mac OS X for me and on Solaris but do not upload them.

And in the meantime, I read some docs about Apple APIs and helped people to continue their work (especially Sebastian, who in fact doesn't need the help anyway ;-).

I hope we can get all patches flying around aquavcl01 into it for weekend as always, so people are able to test it and report problems.

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