Mon Nov 13 09:47:13 CET 2006

38 issues for 2.1

... we made very good progress from last week (from 120 issues down to 38). But this is still not enough. We still have 2 critical issues - #i67261# (AutoCorrect gets triggerd only by Space, punctuation marks) and #i71436# (Writing aids disabled by default) and several issues marked as P3, but regressions. Other issues are P3 or lower except for Mac OS X issues which are being worked on.

Many of these issues are related to localizations (French - 4, German - 3, Italian - 2, Korean - 5)... You can track the progress in issue #i71255#.

Update (13:24 UTC): 32 issues right now (2 tracking issues, 18 localization/translation issues, 12 other issues).

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