Fri Sep 15 13:00:43 CEST 2006

OOoCon 2006, Lyon: Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was the last official date of the OOoCon2006 in Lyon.

I was mainly interested in Jam and Buildbot presentations because both tools can make my life a bit easier :-) I also went to Rob Weir's presentation to see the technical comparison of ISO/IEC 26300 vs. Microsoft Office Open XML. Interesting points...

I also met with Patrick and Ed from Neo team. Interesting technical discussion. We agreed to disagree on some things and agreed on the rest. I explained my opinion from pure technical point of view - we both ( and Neo) look like idiots... I do not like to look like idiot though.

I wonder what are the real roots of all "problems" between Neo and We were able to talk (if you forget about my English communication skills) without problems, we were also discussing some technical issues. I offered myself to be " proxy" for them and Patrick offered his knowledge. We even had some fun - Ed gave me Neo t-shirt with the sentence "you can use it to wash your car" ;-) Thanks!

Security team meeting (I will try to analyze the patches we apply to external libraries).

Fridrich's presentation about his personal development from newbie in into the mentor of Google Summer of Code project was impressive - I especially like the part when he, speaking to the people on the presentation, suddenly turned his face to camera and shouting "yes, developing for is sweet!" Good work Fridrich!

Talking with Zaheda about the future of Mac port, localization. I was surprised to see Prague as one of the location where Google is looking for software engineers.

Thorsten's presentation about typical C++ techniques used in was very interesting. It was also probably the only one that finished in time. And I mean *in time*! ;-)

To sum up: many users of Apple notebooks at the conference, we have to turn some of them into developers...

Dinner at L'Entrecote restaurants - wonderful again! Moving 200m to the other restaurant near the town hall to catch other folks. Night walk to the hotel. Invoice for accommodation with "Sun Microsystems" on it... 30 minutes to get the right invoice. Ordered taxi for the morning - six cars is probably not typical order, so we had to explain it.

Breakfast in the morning, final hand shaking and taxi to the airport. Nice storm in the morning and not that nice highway reconstruction on the way to the airport. The flight had 30 minutes delay. Really tired after it. Good lunch with Dan, Filip, Zuzka, my wife Mirka and my son Michal.

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