Wed Sep 13 01:52:27 CEST 2006

OOoCon 2006, Lyon: Tuesday

The main conference started today. The first talk was conducted by chief of our conference hosting organization, INSA Lyon. It was followed by two keynotes - the first one was done by Debra Anderson, CIO Novell, Inc. She was speaking about successful migration of Novell employees to their own "Ready to Go!" (ninja-chameleon created!) desktop GNU/Linux distribution called SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or whatever that shortcut means). The demos (video and pictures) were quite impressive. I especially like the ninja-chameleon! Where can we download it? I'd like to have that animation on my next desktop! (unfortunately I only use laptops ;-).

The second keynote was performed by Zaheda Bhorat from Google, Inc. She was speaking about Google's past (I like the picture of several *old* machines located at Stanford university), present (Google Summer of Code, usage of Open Source technologies and Google's contributions to various OSS projects), and the future of Google. Really impressive. Looking for OSS job? Ask Google!

The third presentation I have seen was Louis' "Year 6". Nice summary of the recent and also not so recent stuff. Two interesting points in his presentation I strongly agree with: we are still missing regional development groups. The global development cooperation works very well, but we have to introduce something similar on the local level. Do you have any ideas how to do that in practice? Local dev. conferences, tutorials? Another good point was about marketing: we should start to market our product (and our project as well) actively (very easy to say so, hard way to do it at the end).

Mathias Bauer's presentation is always refreshing - keywords: APIs, UNO, framework, filters, components, controllers and views :-)

After the past experiences with the meal in restaurants in Lyon we have chosen to visit the global monopolist of the fast food market. Nothing interesting (with one small exception...). The same meal as in other restaurants around the world, the same quality of the meal... No surprises (how can you buy something when the global monopolists' front men/women can't speak English?). Actually one surprise: you have to type the code "A52 48" on the keyboard before entering the toilet (it could be problematic in some cases ;-)!

Back to Eric's presentation on Mac OS X native port status. Quite good. Thanks Eric!

In the meantime, the development milestone SRC680_m184 was released thus I downloaded it, updated my build system and started to synchronize it to the server. I have to continue on Wednesday morning. I also had to continue with aquavcl01 cleanup and merging of non-aqua stuff back.

Michael Bemmer was talking about the achievements of Sun Hamburg team in the past and also about their plans to the near future. Interesting. We often forget to thank Sun and especially to Sun Hamburg team. Thanks!

My presentation The I had to prepare my own presentation about the development model and build of source code.

Quite quick meeting with all l10n leads and co-leads (dl, coni, erack, pjanik) about the future of l10n project.

Dan swimming Dan decided to test the temperature of the river near the INSA campus...

Back to the hotel and to the city center to do some shopping. We all wonder when French people do their shopping if everything is closed at 8pm... Only the global monopolist had working wifi very late in the evening... Fipa had to check all Apple news from their media meeting. No MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo processors yet, maybe next week... Anyone else waiting? ;-)

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