Tue Sep 12 01:07:57 CEST 2006

OOoCon 2006, Lyon: Monday

The real conference begins. Several meetings. Community council meeting being the first one, no connectivity. ESC meeting with connectivity. It should be easier to get the connectivity...

Release planning meeting was very productive - we agreed on almost everything with Martin H. and than other people joined us as well. The plan to make OOD680_m4 at the end of this week and m5/RC2 next week. Interesting to discuss with people from RedFlag Chinese 2000 Software Co., Ltd.

Finally met Florian Heckl and his lovely daughter. I was also able to talk with Shaun McDonald, the maintainer of Mac porting team web pages and Eric Bachard, the Mac porting team lead.

The last part of the conference meetings was dedicated to Native Language Community meeting. The largest meeting so far.

Night trip on the boat was also impressive - lot of interesting talks with people, watching the nice views of Lyon in the night. The dinner was again interesting. Again: do not ask for details ;-)

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