Mon Sep 11 13:04:05 CEST 2006

OOoCon 2006, Lyon: Saturday

My wife was kind enough to drive me, Dan and Filip to the PRG airport just after tasting his brilliant tiramisu at Dan's house. CENSORED flirts with the airport personal ("Oh darling, ..." from her..).

We arrived to Lyon at 14:30, no taxis at the airport, only the woman with a walkie-talkie - taxi in 3 minutes :-) The speed limit signs around Lyons roads were probably in km/second or the driver was "rappel". Nice walk all around INSA, strange architecture. Four tram stations from our hotel to the conference place. Meet with Cedric and Sophie.

Fridrich arrived at 20:00, dinner at pizzeria (CENSORED again flirted with the waitress).

The late evening was also very interesting - Filip took a chance to teach me Mac OS X user experience (after we realized he has no Xcode installed on his Powerbook) - the first task for me is to try another RSS reader... Fridrich enjoyed Pepsi Cappuccino (another lesson for me: never experiment with experimental flavors ;-).

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