Thu Aug 24 22:42:54 CEST 2006

Day off in Pilsen - the city of beer!

... this blog entry will be boring, as I do not drink beer ;-) Pilsen is the city of beer. You know that. It is approx. 45 minutes away from the place I live, so we decided to visit it today.

The first stop was at the parking place. After 10 minutes trying to find the parking place, we found one with non-working parking machine (we took a photo of it, just in case... ;-). Good. Then we went to the Museum of West Bohemia to visit exhibition of old, good bedtime stories (we call it Večerníček). The hero of my son was small mole (Krteček). It was great pleasure to watch my son be soo happy! And I was happy too, this all was my youth (so do not ask me my why I shoot so much photos there...).

We had lunch in the hotel restaurant on the central place near the Catedral of Saint Bartoloměj (very good beefsteaks - I had one on green pepper and my wife had one filled with cheese and apple sauce, strange combination ;-).

Penguin The afternoon was dedicated to ZOO. The ZOO is located ~20 minutes from the city center and there is a "ZOO train" directly from the central place - very good service, especially for small children who like trains like my son.

I was prepared for classic ZOO, but Pilsen's ZOO is very modern. And of course they have penguins ;-) I especially like their DinoPark. I was not prepared to see something like this in ZOO. If you have a trip to Pilsen, do not forget to visit DinoPark.

Wonderful day with my wife and son (some photos).

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