Fri Jun 23 12:29:10 CEST 2006

How hot is your computer?

Looks like people have (many different) problems. What else could be the reason to start website named Intel Mac Temperature Database or use comments like "It seems getting a good MB Pro is pot luck."?

I'm now thinking about exchanging my current machine (DELL Latitude X200) with new one and MacBook Pro was a candidate. For my related Mac work, I thought I'd buy Mac portable to be able to work on the port even when not at home where I do have Mini. But Apple and co. make this decision difficult: CPU noise, display noise, very hot surface, only large display Pro machines, no docking station, bad services in our country etc. :-(

Unfortunately other manufacturers have also their problems (e.g. red stick in the center of the keyboard instead of touchpad or "dual color" instead of "Dual Core" notebooks etc.). Who gets it right first?

Looks like I have to wait a bit (does Apple plan to release 13 inch aluminium Pro machine, solve the service level issues here in CZ or will DELL release decent design notebook with good performance earlier? ;-) or re-think the method I use computers (Mac Mini is "portable" enough anyway ;-).

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