Fri May 5 11:09:22 CEST 2006

SRC680_m166 builds

I have started all builds of SRC680_m166 milestone. I have also added one new feature into my build system. build now supports generating HTML output with the possibility to keep the full build log in one file (thanks to Vladimir), so I use it and upload also HTML output file for your information (the HTML page references the text logs in the build that I do not pack, but it is usefull to get the general overview of the build and how long it takes).

HTML files will be uploaded to Build-x/build directory. First available example is here. It is a page from x86-64 build system, building 36 languages, all install sets in RPM and DEBs and language packs for all languages. The build took 8 hours (using two CPUs and four processes running in parallel) net time. It is not exact number, because I do build in two phases - I first build transex3 module so I can merge new translations in, and then the rest. It looks like it is next to impossible to build and deliver e.g. libxml2 module in one second ;-) But for modules above transex3 it looks realistic (I use ccache):
  • instsetoo_native: 2 hour, 48 minutes (3 hours 38 minutes on x86)
  • helpcontent2: 1 hour, 23 minutes (1 hour 42 minutes on x86)
  • binfilter: 33 minutes (1 hour 8 minutes on x86)
  • svx: 22 minutes (34 minutes on x86)
  • sw: 21 minutes (46 minutes on x86)
  • sc: 17 minutes (38 minutes on x86)
  • sd: 11 minutes (27 minutes on x86)
Now you understand why we all love to build helpcontent2 :-)

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