Sat Apr 1 00:10:23 CEST 2006

Helping Microsoft Office to become universal application

I was working on making universal application. After I realized that build system is unusable for such stuff and stated it publicly on IRC channel, I was contacted by Roz Ho from Microsoft and she asked me if I want to work for Microsoft on making their Office universal.

The offer was so attractive that I immediately agreed to work for them. From now on, you can contact me at She also gave me URL to their (our!) private SVN server (it runs on old Tablet PC and it serves 1000 developers!) and I was able to change first 30 modules from 401 modules to universal binaries. Yay, it was very easy. I like Office! I even got tickets to Cupertino to present our ideas and visions at Apple party later today instead of Roz Ho.

I'll stay as the member of Community Council to help my colleagues with ODF standardization. I hope you understand me.

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