Wed Feb 1 21:45:28 CET 2006

Communication with Pavel Janík

... is not simple. I know that. But this is not an apology. I'm writing this blog entry to make it clear why I communicate the way I communicate. I'm working on *many* things (yes, everyone does, of course). To be able to work effectively (and deliver results) on so many things I apply very strict rules to my communication. These rules may look impolite and unmannered. But I do not mean them as such. Believe me.

E.g. I never send "thank you" e-mails, "me too" e-mails etc. And I do not expect such e-mails. Of course it is nice if people sometimes tell you "Thank you". It helps and motivates you for your work. But it also slows you down. Very often I'd like to thank people who work with me or on the projects I work on. But I prefer to say "Thank you" face-to-face, not via mail.

My e-mails are very short. Maybe too short sometimes. If I feel I have to describe something in more details, I spend very long time on writing it and thus some of my mails are maybe longer than they should be. But sometimes it is better to spend half an hour describing it properly and completely than write ten other mails...

I have heard several people have problems with this style of communication. Do not take it wrong, but I do not care. If you have something against my style of communication, tell me so. If you hide your problems, I do not care about you. There are millions of people who have their problems and are not trying to solve them. E.g. if you feel insulted by simple "No." without explanation in my mail (I never write *so* short letters ;-), feel free to ask why I answered in short. I will explain it more clearly. The worst thing you can do is to hide the problem inside you.

If you finished reading here, thanks and sorry. I hope you understand why I have to work this way.

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