Tue Jan 24 21:13:40 CET 2006

Stop everything, sell hardware!

Selling hardware is the job we all should do! Just for fun, I investigated several webshops selling Apple hardware and here are the results. I have chosen not-yet available MacBook Pro and compared prices. I have chosen this model because I can't find it on local Apple web store in our country.

So, to start - Apple's worldwide store has the price USD 1999 (~1650 EUR) and free shipping. Amazon offers USD 150 rebate, but the final price is not shown, so I'll ignore it for now.

Lets look in other countries: Germany EUR 2099, Nederland EUR 2139, Austria and France EUR 2149, Italy EUR 2159, Poland EUR 2250.

And now look in my country - official web shop doesn't yet contain the product, but at least two web shops already contain it - for 2360 EUR and for 2150 EUR.

Of course you can't compare 1:1, but the range from USD 1999 to EUR 2250-2360 is somewhat large. The difference is approximately the average monthly salary in our country ;-)

Anyway - the market will solve it...

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