Mon Jan 16 20:53:39 CET 2006

Another week starts, ...

.. and CollapseNet is trying what we are able to live with. Something like: "What is the minimal level of service you are able to live with?".

As always: the site is slow, 500 Internal error codes returned, the site is slow, logged people see issues they can't edit, the site is slow, connnection failed by (squid/2.5.STABLE3), the site is slow, relogins, the site is slow etc.

Enough is enough!

Looks like we have to migrate stuff away from this collapse. Before doing so, we should know the reasons. What are the reasons? Vote (blog to OOoPlanet with Vote X in the subject and your opinion inside):
  • A. Too many requests for site.
  • B. Wrong design of the infrastructure.
  • C. Incapable administrators.
  • D. Network infrastructure
  • E. Money.
  • F. Other reasons.

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