Tue Jan 10 21:48:15 CET 2006

Apple: New computers with new CPUs without 64bit extensions!?

4-5x faster than powerbook
G4 Is there any company in the world/on the planet (I'm getting better at marketing!) that could afford announcing new computers with new 32-bit only processors ie. without 64bit instructions today? Only Apple can do that with their new MacBook Pro and iMac. You also must have very good self-confidence to announce "new product is 2-3x faster then our previous product". Why? Because this means "our previous products were very slow"! But this doesn't work for Apple ;-)

I admire that their infrastructure is able to cope with *millions* of people reading about new Mac and etc... And all this without Internal server errors. But the keynote itself is somewhat inaccessible - I'm at 01:04:03 and can't get more ;-)

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