December 10, 2004 11:34 PM

Ministry of Informatics: Faux pas

Czech Ministry of Informatics created big faux pas this week.

They prepared text-books for "National program for computer literacy" in the close cooperation with the biggest computer publisher in our country. Three books are titled First time with computer, Word and Internet. They even presented these text-books for public review.

So what is a faux pas here? E.g. the title of the second text-book is unacceptable. The complete program for computer literacy is funded from public money and the title suggests to use one particular product of one particular company (and incidentally the company that is now in legal battle with EU). This is simple unacceptable. The text-book about the Internet contains advertisements-like screenshots of one of the biggest Czech web portal (without mentioning others) and what is the most interesting one, there is also a photo of one politician (our current prime minister, who is called Big Brother here).

The most interesting is that the public review software they use on their pages had to be extended to be able to handle the amount of opinions from people who read these books. There are 86 opinions right now and I can't find positive opinion there ;-)

I posted three opinions there - one about commercial software from one supplier, second about unacceptable political background of one text-book and the third about the copyright of all documents (no right to distribute while the program is about distributing and extending computer literacy etc.).

To sum up using the computer terminology: MI: EAGAIN.

So, back to the real work ;-) -----

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