December 04, 2004 12:59 PM

SRC680_m64 is ready

Hamburg RE announced SRC680_m64 which integrates child workspaces xmlsec06, so8betal10n, swqcore01, os42, helpcontentbeta, recovery04, calcp2fix, oasisrng01, jl14, os43, vcl31, impress16, sj12, lotus123import01, toolbars3, sb26, vcl29, textalign, nsplugin3, gt08hangulhanja, dbabetap2, usp4all, readme680beta, presentationengine01, dbwizard2, sysint1, solsfix, oasisbf2, impress19, impress10, nojava2 and cd03.

My personal feeling from running it on GNU/Linux is: wow, we seems to be really close to beta! Though there still are issues that makes the effect of this milestone significantly BAD (like #i38386#). -----

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