November 29, 2004 4:30 PM

SRC680_m63 builds

My builds of SRC680_m63 for GNU/Linux and Solaris/SPARC are finished now and uploaded to

Known issues and l10n issues:
  • #i37887#: Help shows no content. My next build (build-2, SRC680_m63) will contain change that should workaround it, but there still is issue with helpcontent pages (will be finally fixed in m64).
  • #i37360#: Extended tips are in English even for Czech language pack.
  • #i37122#: bad encoding of (c) character.
  • #i35263# simplify readlicense_oo/prj/d.lst. There is a list of all languages duplicated from solenv/inc/
  • #i35265# and #i32386# are about using second naming scheme for language dependent files. One naming scheme based on ISO code is enough.
  • #i36315#: gsicheck errors on all GSI files generated from SRC680_m59.
  • #i37105#: Generate scp2/inc/ during the build. is another file where you need to add several lines for a new language. It is not necessary, IMO. It can be generated, at least.

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