November 12, 2004 10:02 PM

l10n@2.0: new issues...

After several days of "inactivity" I again digged into l10n@OOo.

Ivo H. fixed #i37043 (xmlex have to unquote the exported strings) so new POT files were generated (I will post them updated to SRC680_m62) and PO files were updated. So right now, we have the only one issue with PO/POT files - new lines are quote by two backslashes instead of one. David is working on it.

I reported several issues today:
  • #i37097# - many old readme on sources is also in 2.0 - 692K of useless data in the source code.
  • #i37102# - crashrep: is not localized in 2.0, but crashreporter is (according to ause) to be replaced for 2.0
  • #i37105# - scp2/inc/ contains macros that could be generated from the list of all languages. Right now localizers have to add lines for their languages.
  • #i37108# - while working on #i35263#, i found out that desktop's d.lst creates directories named according to old, obsolete phone codes.
I also updated Czech PO files and created nice visual statistics of the translation process of Czech team. -----

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