November 08, 2004 9:46 PM

l10n@2.0: generating GSI/SDF file from translated PO files

Yesterday, I wrote about generating PO files from PO Template files (POT files). And as I promised, this entry will show next step needed to create GSI/SDF file for

You have all (or some of them) PO files translated in the same structure as it was generated, in the directory PO. To do the conversion process, you need the po2oo command from translate package. The current version is 0.8 rc1.

To install it, you can use this sequence of commands (you must have Python's distutils installed - e.g. from python-devel RPM package on SUSE Linux):
tar xfz translate-0.8rc1.tar.gz
cd translate-0.8rc1
./ install --home=/tmp/SOMEWHERE
After the installation, you have to specify the path to the Python files using the following command:
export PYTHONPATH=/tmp/SOMEWHERE/lib/python
If you have root privileges or your private Python library, you probably know much better what to do ;-) Now you can test po2oo command:
oo@oo:~/> /tmp/SOMEWHERE/bin/po2oo
usage: po2oo [--version] [-h|--help] [--progress PROGRESS] \
       [-i|--input] INPUT [-x|--exclude EXCLUDE] [-o|--output] OUTPUT \
       [-t|--template TEMPLATE] [--psyco PSYCO]
po2oo: error: You need to give an inputfile or use - for stdin; \
   use --help for full usage instructions
Now you have everything ready to transform your PO files to GSI/SDF file using the following command:
/tmp/SOMEWHERE/bin/po2oo -l cs -t cs.sdf PO GSI_cs.sdf
cs is the ISO code for your language (cs if for my language, Czech), cs.sdf is one of the GSI/SDF files used for generating POT files (see GSI directory on my FTP server from where you got POT files), PO is the name of the directory with PO files and GSI_cs.sdf is the final, long awaited GSI/SDF file that you can use with localize tool with -m (merge) argument.

Please let me know if this description is enough or what should I describe more properly. Thanks! -----

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