October 17, 2004 10:55 AM

Milestone SRC680_m57 is ready

Hamburg RE announced that milestone SRC680_m57 is ready. Integrated child workspaces: csvio, cfgcws01, unixtools01, sch04, sj09, macrouifix, calc22, pj06, colorsubtoolbar, tra2, sj11, vq02, vcl27, pj04, configure1.

My builds are already finished. My build system is slightly modified against the milestone, it includes patches for #i31784# and thus it is configured with --with-lang="en-US cs sk et sl hu da".

This means that I'm now uploading not only English and Czech version, but language packs for Danish, Estonian, Hungarian and Slovenian. But see #i35659#.

Please test and report results. Build is now being uploaded to ftp.linux.cz. -----

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