September 17, 2004 8:10 PM

SRC680_m54 is ready

SRC680_m54 has been built by Hamburg RE. Child Workspaces integrated include tablebutton, dr20, vcl25, swundo03, oasissysint, pj01, svg02, i18n14, encodingfix, sardinian, dr12, insight02, desktintgr02, opendocbehavior, toolbars2, qwizards2, improveforms, getfilesize1, ooo20040704, gtkfpicker1, iha02, enhselect, dba15, kurdish, ab10fixes, vq01, vcl26, ooo20040815, customizer, swqbugfixes06, impress11, pdf01, filteredcells, lookup.

I have already finished building it and uploaded my builds (English and Czech) at

There are several issues we identified:
  • The most important issue is that on GNU/Linux, you have to remove -fno-rtti from solenv/inc/ to get running at all.
  • #i32963# - the RPM packages contain %post scripts that do something useful only when the package is installed to /opt/openoffice/1.9.54. There is a workaround for this in the issue.
  • Modules vcl and crashrep use module gtk which for StarOffice only, thus string gtk has to be prefixed by SO: in prj/build.lst. vcl is fixed in ause011, crashrep is fixed in pj04.
  • #i32398# - repeated builds in libxml2 result in a build failure. This is fixed in child workspace pj02.
  • #i33481# - this issue is multi-project. Several files are affected: autodoc/source/ary/inc/nametreenode.hxx, autodoc/source/ary/store/t_storg.hxx, stoc/source/security/lru_cache.h, ucb/source/inc/regexpmap.tpt. The typename was brought in by gcc34 changes but these changes broke .NET2002 compiler on Windows. We probably need to invent a mechanism to overcome this bug, because we want both .NET2002 and .NET2003 to be supported compilers.
  • #i33509# - nsplugin uses gtk/gtk.h include file, but doesn't add proper include paths in CFLAGS.
  • #i33458# - repeated builds in scripting/java fails on Windows. Temporary fix is in the issue - simply remove clean target from dependencies. Scripting project has several other minor/non-build issues (#i33504#).
  • #i33528# - sc/source/core/data/compressedarray.cxx compilation failure.


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