August 30, 2004 10:56 PM

Playing with cws tools

I spent several hours during the weekend and also today on CWS tools. I have successfully configured CWS environment and cwsquery on Sunday. After m52 was made available for resync, I created my first testing cws pj01 and added two modules to it and three tasks that fixed critical build issues for me and several other people. And finally Martin volunteered to look on the result tomorrow.

I find the mechanism quite inconvenient for me because of the following reasons. CWS tools use several environment variables. On Sunday I was happy that this shell script together with my .cwsrc is enough for running cwsquery -m SRC680 latest:
export SRC_ROOT="/home/pavel/.ooo/ooo_${VERSION}_src/"
export SOLARENV="${SRC_ROOT}/solenv"
export PATH="$PATH:$SOLARENV/bin"
echo "New shell started with cws environment for $VERSION"
But as soon as I started to use cwscreate and similar tools, it was clear that this is not enough. Unfortunately CWS tools do never tell you which variable is not set, so you have to manually investigate. I'm not building on my development system where I have CVS tunnel running, because it is notebook and all building takes place on different system. Thus my notebook is not ready to configure/compile But for these tools, you need to have proper environment configured.

Other magic issue came when I wanted to change the description of my cws. I had to logout from EIS and log in back again. Otherwise it kept telling me ORA-00936: missing expression as if I'm logged in as quest.

I really like the sarcastic humor of the EIS author. When you want to change the Owner of the cws, you have to enter it in the textfield in the form (there is no help so you do not know if you have to enter ID, e-mail or ...). Of course I have chosen bad format ( ID only) and it told me:
Could not update object!
The error message was: ORA-02290: check constraint (CWS.CK_CHILDWORKSPACE_EMAILS) violated
Could not update table
Data could not be saved
Good! There is a constraint on *some* field which check (probably) e-mail validity. It displays the form again. Should you have entered the dates for "Estimated due date" before, you'll see e.g. java.util.GregorianCalendar[time=109398<...600 characters omitted>] instead of simple 2004-09-01 in such fields. Quite unreadable ;-) BTW - entering dates is another matter - I thought that US format referenced in help is 2004/09/01 but this is probably wrong, 2004-09-01 is correct format for dates there.

But all in all: I found out that people behind CWS tools and EIS did an enormous amount of work. Thanks for it! (And be patient with people like me who are ... fill-in yourself). -----

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