August 24, 2004 9:04 PM

Build of SRC680_m51 finished

I finally finished build of SRC680_m51 milestone (see previous entry about child workspaces integrated in this milestone).

My builds (English and Czech) for GNU/Linux and Solaris/SPARC (yes! I finally have wonderful machine that is able to finish the build on Solaris/SPARC pretty fast) are at

There still are several problems during the build:
  • #i32707# - binfilter: `acquire' undeclared (first use this function). Ken reported that this issue is also present on HEAD. Fix is already mentioned in the issue...
  • #i32042# - desktop project depends on berkeleydb. I committed the fix to 20040815 so it will be integrated with this cws.
  • #i32858# - dbaccess: toolbox.hrc: No such file or directory. This is also fixed in 20040815.
  • #i32393# - jvmfwk: pasting "SunInfo" and "::" does not give a valid preprocessing token. This is already fixed but not in m51. It will be hopefully merged soon.
  • #i33323# - svx project contains bad paths for include files svdobj.hxx and svdpagv.hxx. This issue is new on this branch.

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