August 11, 2004 11:48 PM

SRC680_m50 is ready

Milestone 50 of SRC680 is ready (SRC680_m50). Even my build is finished and upload to is in progress.

This milestone integrated several workspaces: db2003tk, jl10, impress18ea, enusencoding, os35, icu2003tk, dr19, gcc340fixes01, dr14, aw017, formatpaintbrush02, bff2, jlmsi, fixgh, swobjpos04, autotranslationfix, i18n13, docking2, insight01, grouping, dialogxml1, swqbugfixes04.

There were several problems during the build:
  • #i32707# - binfilter: `acquire' undeclared (first use this function)
  • #i32042# - desktop project depends on berkeleydb. I committed the fix to 20040815.
  • #i32858# - dbaccess: toolbox.hrc: No such file or directory
  • #i32393# - jvmfwk: pasting "SunInfo" and "::" does not give a valid preprocessing token. This is already fixed but not in m50.
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