August 01, 2004 4:48 PM

SRC680_m49 has been built by Hamburg RE and there are several issues to build it here ;-)

During the weekend, I worked on several things. One of them was compiling SRC680_m49 on my GNU/Linux build machine. I found and reported several issues:
  • #i32400# - psprint/source/printer/cupsmgr.cxx uses unlink, but doesn't include unistd. I wonder where this issue is, because psprint contains unlink calls also in cws_src680_ooo20040815 and the diff between both trees haven't revealed anything suspect.
  • #i32398# - repeated builds in libxml2 fail. Repeated builds also fail in officecfg and wizards (see #i31658# because of zip returning error code 12 when it has nothing to do). You have been warned ;-)
  • #i32393# - issue with compiler pasting SunInfo (or OtherInfo) with ::.

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