July 20, 2004 11:45 PM

MyIssues now contain 49 issues :-(

I'm always trying to get the number of issues listed at MyIssues as low as possible, but it is pretty hard to reach this goal.

Right now, I have about 49 issues on this page. 4 assigned to bh, 3 assigned to support (call those issue as "Whatever you do, there is no chance to close/fix them"). 13 issues assigned to me (there is no community cws opened right now, so I can't fix them properly). Five of them targeted to 1.1.3 (ooo113fix1 will be opened soon).

We moved the deadline to SDF/GSI submission for 1.1.3 to August, 3rd because the community cws for 1.1.3 is still not opened today (the planned close was tomorrow ;-). So our teams have about 2 weeks to provide new/updated translations for 1.1.3. As always, I will prepare both GSI files for all languages with status of translations directly in the CVS and also extracted README.html files for every language.

Dan has upgraded Perl on our Solaris/SPARC machine. Now we are able to install Archive::Zip Perl module. This module (together with its dependencies) is needed to produce installation sets for development version (20040704 in our case). I have also finished build QA on Solaris/SPARC with Forte 6 Update 2. With three patches in various places, it compiles. -----

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