June 25, 2004 6:58 PM

Today's OOo news

Too many news today on the OpenOffice.org planet ;-)

I have added both Norwegian variants to our build system to help people from Norwegian Native-Lang project. First build will be uploaded during this weekend (aka build-14).

Sander Vesik announced opening new community cws cws_src680_ooo20040704 and I'm just working on updating my build system to it.

Martin Hollmichel announced updated roadmap for 1.1.3 (it is planned for August/September 2004).

Hans-Joachim Lankenau announced that resource system for 2.0 is changed to use ISO codes instead of various strings/numbers to identify language dependent resources.

Sunnies are pretty active at the end of this week ;-) Now weekend is coming, so non-Sunnies should work on something too. What do plan to work on during the weekend? -----

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