June 04, 2004 10:42 PM

Dumb mailing list software

I have a really strong SPAM filter that helps me in handling my huge daily e-mail traffic so I can spend less then 3 hours a day on reading my mail. It is a must for me otherwise my work would be really ineffective.

The worst problem with it is that there are crazy mailing list servers (like the one on @linux.cz), that are not able to send correct "probe" message. The probe is sent after several SPAMS from such server are correctly rejected (via 5xx SMTP reply code). Now the really crazy thing: the probe contains excerpt from rejected SPAM, ie. it is also SPAM...

I'm in many mailing lists (GNU projects lists, many OpenOffice.org lists, LKML, ...). Some of them are really badly managed regarding SPAM (like lists of GNU project) and let many SPAM go through them. But none of them is that dumb like @linux.cz. They often send probe that only contains identification of rejected messages (like their IDs or so). None of them includes the text of rejected mail. Sometimes I have to confirm that I'd like to be subscribed, but this is only a small nuisance in comparison with @linux.cz mailing list server :-( -----

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