May 07, 2004 10:36 PM

Next cws for 1.1.2 opened

Next community workspace for upcoming 1.1.2 has been opened today. Its names is cws_srx645_ooo112fix2. This branch has several issues as of now: three modules are not tagged (dlcompat, apache_java and msfontextract), some directories do not contain all changes from fix1 (see e.g. issues #i27765# and #i28068#). I have extracted both README files and GSI files for all supported languages. I haven't finished build yet, because of missing modules (if you want to try, use fix1 versions), but built transex3 project. emits warning messages (see #i28924# for more details). Maybe someone who is masochistic enough to learn Perl will change it ;-)

I filed these issues today:

  • #i28924# ( emits warnings)
  • #i28925# (UI.xcu and Error: Unknown language code:)
  • #i28927# (Norwegian README not translated)
  • #i28931# (Butterfly in cinema/writer.bmp)
and also reopened #i27901# (Hungarian GSI file for 1.1.2). And I can finally go to bed ;-)


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