This gallery shows first screenshots of non-X11 based OpenOffice.org. Warning: this is not final, released product ;-)
Picture 1
OK, we see this dialog often :-) Document recovery - working completely.
Picture 2
The initial Writer window (this time without menus). As you can see, we still do not have bitmaps - only text instead of toolbar icons.
Picture 3
First page of FirstStartWizard.
Picture 4
License page - somehow the license text is not shown, thus you can't scroll down the license so you can not accept it 8) Hmm, almost stopper for us now (soffice -nofirststartwizard helps!).
Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8
Picture 9 Picture 10
Styles and formatting window!
Picture 11
I was also able to display the OpenOffice.org Open dialog.
Picture 12
Online Help (still without images).
Picture 13
OpenOffice.org's own menus.
Picture 14 Picture 15
Calc, Impress, Writer and Draw on one monitor!
Picture 16
This is not how preferences look like on Mac applications ;-)
Picture 17
Online help - big enough!
Picture 18
First PDF document (empty) generated by non-X11 OpenOffice.org opened in Preview.
Picture 19
Native menus are somewhat empty ;-)
Picture 20
Some gimp magic with native buttons :-)
Picture 21 Picture 22
Where are radio buttons? ;-)
Picture 23
What is the best way to present that fullscreen works when you are not able to see text nor images? ;-)
Picture 24
First document (my presentation proposal for Lyon) loaded!
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