Fri Feb 3 20:31:29 CET 2006

A lot of fun with pam-modules' pam_unix2, C++ strictness and NumLock in

I again had fun (a lot of fun, in fact!) with pam_unix2 module, with the changes between previous version we used and the current one. Using 'x' in the password field of all users with UID 0 was the culprit. New version also doesn't call additional modules (call_modules) if the UID of the user is 0. It has its logic in general, but unfortunately it is not the case for us ;-) But at the end: it works now again. Good.

As a bonus I debugged one gcc-3.x/gcc4.x C++ template issue with protected member functions. Quite easy this time :-)

And at the end, some fun with NumLock in and switching between text mode and X (already reported in Bugzilla). My son would be confused!

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